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Welcome to the The Ultimate Health Source! Our site provides comprehensive reviews on emerging products that allow you to take control of your health, body and mind.

We strive to find products of great value and pass this information on to our readers. We are especially interested in exploring humanity’s entire body of knowledge–this includes health habits, remedies and solutions from every corner of the globe–from ancient traditions to the newest, cutting edge practices.

Here at The Ultimate Health Source, we are especially interested in sustainable practices and products. We have a soft spot for organic, natural, vegan and environmentally sound products. But we will not exclude other products to the detriment of our health. There is a delicate balance in life we strive to maintain. Considering all of our options helps us understand and find what works best for us and hopefully you as well!

We are also really into fitness and high value fitness products that get results. We review and talk about fitness products and general fitness techniques that we use, have used or want to use.

And finally, we definitely have a soft spot for social businesses—businesses that are striving to solve a social problem in a variety of ways. They may put a large amount of their profits into a foundation targeting their specific social issue, they may employ workers considered unemployable by others and help them take control of their lives, they may create markets for rural artisan products from developing countries—there are numerous models. We are working to find these businesses and share them with you.

Please explore the site and come back and visit as we are constantly updating our product reviews, topic discussions and links to outside information we feel is relevant to our audience. Use the contact page to drop us a line.

The products we review on The Ultimate Health Source are ones we believe to be beneficial and whose manufacturers stand behind them. You’ll find most products have generous money-back guarantees or trial periods. This shows manufacturer confidence in their product.

Remember, your health and well-being are precious, please consult your doctor before making any changes in your diet or exercise plans.

We hope you find The Ultimate Health Source a valuable tool in finding product reviews and information on your quest to better living.

All the best,

Brian and The Ultimate Health Source Team

What The Ultimate Health Source Offers

I know we just gave you a rundown of what this site is all about, but repetition can be useful and as The Ultimate Health Sources grows, we aim to keep it as simple as possible. Nobody likes to roam around a website trying to find out if what they are looking for is there or not. Therefore, let’s get into some more detailed explanations on what you will find here.

A good place to start is over on the right side of the page. You will find a decent little menu of product reviews, links and categories.

The Product Reviews

We don’t do too many product reviews because we want to take our time in using and evaluating particular products. We have made the decision to review only products we believe are a good value. However, most products will have weaknesses, and we definitely take the time to point these out. We know that this helps a persons decision making process and creates a balanced review.

We have links on our review pages that will take you directly to the product’s site. There are two reasons for this. You may want further information on a particular product, or you may want to purchase this product. If you click on our link for the product and then subsequently buy that product, we here at The Ultimate Health Source will receive a commission from the product’s manufacturer. This helps us pay the bills, but I can assure you that we are not getting rich.

The fact that we get a commission for the product does not increase the price you pay for the product. If for some reason you are not comfortable with giving us a fee for referring you to this product, then just do a search for the product’s manufacturer and you can bypass us. That is your choice. Sometimes there are special offers or coupons we can offer our readers for the products. We will do this whenever possible. Everyone likes a good deal!


The links section will provide you with more information on the specific topic mentioned. This information comes from well respected and credible websites such as the Mayo Clinic and Wikipedia. Access to information is a wonderful thing we sometimes take for granted in America. Having information also helps consumers make more informed decisions on what products and services will be most beneficial to them.

It is for these simple reasons that we encourage you to seek information not just from us, but from other credible sources on the internet and beyond. If you do end up purchasing a product you found on The Ultimate Health Source, we ask you to click one of our product links to purchase the product. We all like to keep our lights on and food in the fridge.


The categories will take you to pages that contain all of the posts for the specific category. We are adding new posts several times a week if not every day! New categories are added often, so be sure to bookmark us and stop by at a later date.

Some categories have more posts than others. We encourage you to look around in the category pages to see what is there. We try to keep the site well organized, but you will certainly find some variety within each category. Check em’ out!

If you think an article is in the wrong category or it should be in a category of its own, please let us know. You can leave a comment or send us an e-mail through the ‘contact us’ page. Feel free to leave comments or starts a discussion on specific articles as well. The internet is better when we are all communicating and discussing our opinions and beliefs.

Once again, thank you for stopping by. We hope you enjoy The Ultimate Health Source. Let us know what you think.