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My name is Brian, and I’ve been focused on healthy, sustainable living for over fifteen years. The importance of what we put into our bodies was first made apparent to me through my first job in the nutritional services department at a 200 bed hospital in California. As a diet technician, I counseled patients on their doctor prescribed diets. Unfortunately, what I encountered on an all-to-regular basis shocked me. Too many people were experiencing heart attacks, type 2 diabetes, obesity and a host of other mainly diet related issues at very young ages.

While I was already an athlete and seemingly experienced no diet related issues, I eventually forced myself to take a hard look at what I was putting into my body and why. I also spent a lot of time talking to the dietitians I worked with about the our bodies’ nutritional needs and became interested in sustainability issues (particularly surrounding food production). All of this led me to transform my eating habits and begin sharing my knowledge with friends and family.

After completing an MBA in 2007, my girlfriend and I moved to Asia to work and live for three years. Our time there exposed us firsthand to ancient dietary, fitness and medical knowledge and practices. We have continued to travel the world and experiment with our diets and exercise habits. Now we want to pass our opinions on to the greater public.

I am a lover of the finer things in life—particularly music, wonderful food, nature and art. I’m a drummer, rock climber, hiker, runner, general fitness nut and social entrepreneur.

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Please remember, always consult a physician before starting a new diet and/or exercise routine.

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