The Advantages of Bodyweight Exercises

There is a lot on this site about bodyweight exercise, so I thought I should do some writing on why I like bodyweight exercise so much. Bodyweight exercises are some of the most basic exercises we know—having done them since we were children—but they are also some of the most physically beneficial exercises.

First, just because you are performing an exercise with no equipment does not mean that the exercise is safer. It is of utmost importance to be sure you learn how to perform bodyweight exercises correctly. This will ensure that you minimize your risk of injury while performing bodyweight exercise. Learning proper form for all types of exercises, whether you are using workout equipment or not, is something we should all strive to do.

Bodyweight exercises are convenient. This is one of the biggest reasons I got into them and use them as the basis of my fitness training. You typically only need your body to perform these exercises. You can get increased variety by adding in a few pieces of equipment such as a pull up bar, a dip bar and a step or bench. Aside from this though, you can give yourself and intense workout with no extra equipment. What is not to like about that?

Another reason I like bodyweight exercises is for the range of motion you can get with them. You have to be sure to add a good amount of exercise variety and variation to achieve good range of motion training, but I find that most people do this anyway to alleviate boredom. As we grow older our range of motion tends to decline for two reasons. One, our muscles and tendons simply age and stiffen up. Two, we don’t engage in the ‘play’ that we used to as children. This ‘play’ often gave us great exercise and had doing all kinds of silly, crazy things. Those silly, crazy things were great for our range of motion.

Take some time to learn new body weight exercises. I like to look up how to properly perform a new bodyweight exercise and then do a few run throughs of the new exercise. This allows my body to become familiar with the motion and lets me feel the exercise. You should take note of the muscle groups a certain bodyweight exercise is supposed work. When performing that exercise, make sure to feel if those muscle groups are in fact working. Sometimes you just need to make a small tweak for a particular exercise to become much more effective. This dry run also helps determine if the exercise is safe. Some of us have old injuries we need to remain conscious of.

I review a tool called the TRX Suspension Trainer on the TRX Suspension Trainer Review page of this site. The reason I am so into this fitness anywhere tool is the fact that it allows you to add a few hundred bodyweight exercises to your routine. The TRX suspension trainer is also very portable, so you can get that bodyweight work out in a wide variety of places. The TRX’s portability also means you can take it on the road with you. When traveling, it is always nice to be able to stick to a familiar workout routine.

If you are into bodyweight training like I am, you should take a look at the TRX Reviews page I have put together. It will give you a full review of the TRX Suspension Training tool and provides a link directly to the TRX manufacturer’s page.

Even if you know many bodyweight exercises, take some time to learn a few new ones. You may be surprised at what you don’t know. Also, take a look at the TRX Suspension Training System. It is a great value that you have been missing out on for too long.