Paleo Diet Breakfast – Some Ideas

As you likely know, the paleo diet eschews grains and dairy. Unfortunately for us westerners these items are a huge part of our traditional breakfast. Therefore, those new to the paleo diet often find creating suitable breakfast meals a great challenge (skip to paragraph 4 to get into paleo breakfast ideas right away).

One surefire way to overcome this challenge is to get yourself a paleo cookbook. I am a fan of Nikki Young’s Paleo Cookbooks. If you are in the market for a complete paleo cookbook, I suggest you check out my paleo cookbook review page for further information on this item. You will find a link there directly to the Paleo Cookbooks site if you wish to buy the Paleo Cookbooks.

If you are new to the paleo diet in general, you can find further information on this diet through this site’s  about the paleo diet page and also at the Wikipedia Paleolithic Diet page devoted to the topic. The Wiki page is a broad overview and discussion. It will not tell you how to follow the diet exactly, but it is great to have a thorough understanding of any diet you are following along with some of the common criticisms and concerns.

So as I was saying, paleo breakfasts can be challenging for the newcomer. Let’s go over a few ideas.

I like to do eggs for breakfast because they are quick and easy to cook. You can also mix in a variety of vegetables. I cook using cast iron for added flavor and iron and find it easy to throw in some leftover meats or whatnot as well. If you can’t already guess, I tend to just do a scramble. I will also use frozen vegetables (begin cooking these first) for convenience and to ensure that I don’t have to throw away rotten vegetables.

You can use egg whites with just one egg if you are going to base your breakfast on eggs daily. Eggs are also great because you can microwave them. If you microwave your eggs, use a Pyrex dish to avoid all the nasty known and unknown things found in plastic. Also, do the eggs separately from any vegetables you will be making.

A piece of fruit and some nuts paired with my scramble makes a nice hearty breakfast when I don’t have exercise to do in an hour or two. Eggs are easy to digest, so I eat them without any meats when I want to exercise shortly after breakfast. I love to add meats like turkey bacon in my scrambles too.

For those of you pressed for time in the morning, I would recommend going the hardboiled egg route. This makes for a protein filled convenient breakfast. You can also just go for fruit and nuts, but this will likely not cover the amount of protein you need for the meal. This option is ok if you are planning on eating a meal an hour or two later. I know it is hard to be perfect and we really shouldn’t get too hung up on being perfect. Perfectionists tend to keep their great ideas in their heads and hold off acting on them until they think they can pull it off perfectly. Unfortunately, this perfection almost never materializes and good ideas are left un-acted upon.

See what you can create for a paleo diet friendly breakfast. I love to hear suggestions. Hey, maybe somebody will recommend a paleo salad for breakfast! It sounds strange, but keeping paleo takes some creativity.

Paleo Desserts and Paleo Sweets

This post will focus on an aspect of the paleo diet that causes a lot of paleo diet followers to cheat—desserts. We are going to talk about paleo sweets and paleo desserts. A whole lot of us have a sweet tooth and there is nothing wrong with this. I believe that one of the great advantages to being alive and aware is our ability to indulge our senses. And what better to indulge our senses than with some sweet, rich and delicious!

Unfortunately the paleo diet excludes a lot of our traditional desserts and sweet snacks. This leads many a cheater on the paleo diet. Fortunately there are plenty of paleo dessert options and paleo sweets for those of us who do not want to go astray from the paleo diet and also want to get our sweet fix. A new paleo cookbook has recently been released and I have my copy. It is called Paleo Sweets and I do a Paleo Sweets review on this site. The review will be evolving over the next few weeks as I actually use the book to create paleo desserts and paleo sweets.

The obvious paleo dessert would involve fruit. Since fruit is naturally sweet, it lends itself to a great paleo friendly dessert or sweet snack. A good trick to try is with frozen fruit. You can take your choice of frozen fruit and blend it using a blender or food processor. The result, depending on how much water content there is, is somewhere between ice cream and a smoothie. It is surprisingly satisfying.

If you want to make things like cakes or brownies there are paleo friendly options. Many of these options use ground nuts of some sort or a nut butter. You should learn how to make and use these as they will be your best friend. Making and using nut butters is covered extensively in the Paleo Sweets book I mention at the end of paragraph two.

And in really good news, dark chocolate is paleo friendly. You can use dark chocolate or cocoa (even both) in your recipes. There are paleo friendly recipes out there for dark chocolate brownies and chocolate cakes. Some of these recipes are good and others are not so good. You will have to spend time experimenting and possibly eating some not so great paleo sweets. That is ok though. The experimentation will eventually leave you with a great repertoire of paleo friendly desserts and sweets.

Finally, coconut milk and honey can be used in your recipes as well. Is honey paleo friendly? Well I just don’t remember right now, but I am ok with it. It is called for in a number of recipes that are specifically for paleo sweets and desserts. It is your choice really. Remember, when you are craving something sweet, there are many paleo friendly options. You just have to get out there and find what you like.

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paleo sweets review

Paleo Dessert - Ice Cream!!

Paleo Sweets Review

The time has finally come for the release of the Paleo Sweets recipe book and my Paleo Sweets review. This book promises upwards of 82 paleo friendly recipes for those times when your sweet tooth is out of control. And of course, these paleo sweets recipes are paleo friendly, dairy free and gluten free.

A paleo recipe book such as this has been necessary for quite some time. Sweets are a great pleasure in life and something that many following the paleo diet have a hard time completely giving up. Being able to create your own paleo diet friendly sweets has great appeal to those following the paleo diet and even those only concerned with being gluten free or dairy free (both of which the paleo diet already is).

Since I am just getting aquinted with my digital copy of Paleo Sweets, my Paleo Sweets review will be a continually evolving work over the coming weeks. I really want to get to know these recipes and see if they will truly make some delicious paleo friendly sweets. For now I will start this Paleo Sweets review by talking about what this paleo recipe book has to offer.

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The Contents of Paleo Sweets

The Paleo Sweets book simply consists of paleo friendly sweet recipes. These recipes could be for desert or they could be used to sweeten up existing dishes while still keeping those dishes paleo friendly.

Let’s breakdown the different categories covered for this paleo sweets review.

First, Paleo Sweets gives you an introduction to nuts and fruits. These two ingredients are featured prominently in the book. It is important to understand the different varieties of fruits and nuts available along with their nutritional content. The book does a good job of doing this. I believe this will lead to a greater understanding of the ingredients and ultimately lead to better preparation.

And after you have learned about fruits and nuts, you will get a bunch of recipes for nut butters. By looking at the recipes available, I can tell that there is a good variety here. While I don’t know exactly what to do with them all yet, I am excited to find out the taste characteristics of these nut butters.

Biscuits and cake recipes are in the Paleo Sweets book as well. How do you make cakes and biscuits without flour you ask. Don’t worry. The explanations on what to do are quite clear and the ingredients are readily available.

The book also covers ice cream recipes. That is cool!

There are also sections on creating fruit salads, jellies and mouses and a miscellaneous section with a lot of with recipes that just defy classification.

Finally there is a conversion chart to ensure that people from around the world and at different altitudes can properly execute the paleo sweets recipes.

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Paleo Protein Bar Recipes

One really great thing that I also want to add into my Paleo Sweets Review is on the bonus book. This book is titled Paleo Protein Bar Recipes. Protein bars are great when you are on the go or after exercise. Unfortunately for those of us following the paleo diet, most protein bars on the market today are far from paleo friendly.

Author Nikki Young has given us a solution to the non-paleo friendly protein bars everywhere. While this solution involves a bit of work, I believe it will be quite worth it. And who knows, maybe making your own protein bars will inspire new recipes that you will fall in love with.

The best part about the Paleo Protein Bar Recipes book is that it is free. That is correct. The book is thrown in free with the purchase of the Paleo Sweets cookbook. That is a great value.

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Paleo Sweets Review on the Guarantee

As with any quality product that is 100% believed in and supported by the author, there is a money back guarantee with the Paleo Sweets cookbook. This money back guarantee is good for 60 days and is no questions asked. A guarantee like this makes me feel good about purchasing the product. When I see a guarantee like the one that goes with the Paleo Sweets recipe book, I know that the product should be good. If it wasn’t, the author wouldn’t be able to afford to do it.

paleo dessert cookbook

Paleo Friendly Biscuits - A Great Paleo Dessert

My Opinion on Paleo Sweets

On first review I am really excited about the Paleo Sweets Cookbook. There are many recipes that have my mouth watering and some unique things that have piqued my curiosity. I am pretty sure I am going to learn a lot from this paleo diet friendly cookbook.

I have no doubt that this book is a good calue for the money. Over the next few weeks, I will continue to update this review with new information and opinions in order to fill out this paleo sweets review. Until then, I would encourage you to visit the Paleo Sweets page to learn more. Remember that there is a 60 day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee. You have nothing to loose and a whole lotta sweet and paleo friendly deliciousness to gain.

Happy paleo eating and thanks for taking a look at my Paleo Sweets review!

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Paleo Desserts

A Delicious Looking Paleo Dessert

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Paleo Diet Caloric Breakdown

The Paleo Diet, which is also known as the caveman diet, hunter gatherer diet or Paleolithic diet, has proven successful for a lot of people including myself. There are some different thoughts on the exact protein, fat, carbohydrate breakdown of this diet. Therefore, I thought it would be wise to write a bit about this and anything other tips I can think of when for paleo diet practitioners. It should be noted that most advocates of the paleo diet consider eating a high percentage of animal flesh to be a key feature of the diet. Read on for specifics and recommendations as to exactly what type of flesh may be best to consume. If you are looking for paleo recipe ideas, you can check out the paleo cookbook review part of the site. These paleo cookbooks contain hundreds of paleo friendly recipes to keep the variety in your diet.

In a research paper by O’Keefe, James H.; & Cordain, Loren titled “Cardiovascular disease resulting from a diet and lifestyle at odds with our Paleolithic genome: how to become a 21st-century hunter-gatherer” and in research conducted and published by Cordain L, Miller JB, Eaton SB, Mann N, Holt SH, Speth JD titled “Plant-animal subsistence ratios and macronutrient energy estimations in worldwide hunter-gatherer diets”, the authors state that when following the paleo diet, one should get about 56-65% of their food energy from animal foods and 36-45% from plant foods. A diet high in protein is recommended (19-35% calories) and generally low in carbs (22-40% calories). A fat intake that is similar to today’s western diet is advocated (28-58% calories). Many people, including myself, recommend eating only lean cuts of meat and grass-fed beef. Eating wild game is also advocated by many paleo diet followers. These types of meats tend to contain higher levels of omega-3 fats compared to grain-fed animals.

Many people also exclude foods that have high glycemic indices like potatoes (they give similar insulin reactions to refined foods). Some people have also gone as far as to avoid fruits due to the high levels of fructose in them (but not avocados as they are little nutritional powerhouses).

As I alluded to above, not all paleo diet practitioners agree on the exact breakdown of your daily calorie intake on the diet. The exact intake amount of our Paleolithic ancestors is in dispute as well. The average diet for modern hunter-gatherer societies is thought to consist of 64-68% animal calories and 32-36% of plant calories. The animal calories are divided in differing proportions between hunted and fished animals (usually 26-35% consisting of hunted food).

It should be noted that modern hunter-gatherer societies have shown a great disparity when it comes to the exact caloric breakdown of their diet. If you are new to the paleo diet, don’t get too confused. Find a calorie breakdown you are comfortable with and do it for a while. Make adjustments to your diet and the caloric breakdown as needed. Do remember that since you will be consuming a large amount of animal flesh, you should make that flesh as safe and as high quality as possible. It may cost a little more, but your health is worth it.

About the Paleo Diet

The diet I’ll be discussing today is known as the Paleo Diet, Paleolithic Diet, Caveman Diet, or Hunter-Gatherer Diet. It was actually first put forward by a stomach doctor in the 1970s and was based on many of his prescribed treatments to cure a variety of digestive issues. Since then the diet has been the topic of many articles and books.

I was introduced to the diet through my Crossfit friends and have subsequently experimented with it for some time and have witnessed many others try it.

But what exactly does the paleo diet entail? The diet is based on what scientists (and others) believe ancient man ate in the Paleolithic era. This era ended approximately 10,000 years ago when humans figured out agriculture. The era lasted for 2.5 million years.

The diet excludes grains, dairy products, refined sugar, legumes/beans, and processed oils. The paleo diet food pyramid is quite different from the traditional food pyramid. At the base you’ll find meats. In the middle you have fruits and vegetables and at the top there are nuts and berries (aren’t berries just fruits again?).

Actually, I’ve seen a few different paleo pyramids. Some have veggies, especially leafy green veggies, on the bottom. There are definitely different paleo philosophies out there and quite a bit of arguing on the specifics.

You can see why this is called the Caveman Diet or Hunter-Gatherer Diet. It really is the foods ancient man presumably had available to him or her.

So the scientific premise of the diet has to do with the assumption that human genes haven’t changed all that much (in the past 10,000 years) compared to how the food we eat has changed. This especially rings true of the past 100 years. Typical western diets are now dominated by refined grains and sugars along with dairy products and unnatural fats.

Paleo enthusiasts argue that our bodies cannot handle the foods on the exclusion list very well. In fact, they argue that these foods are harmful to our bodies and cause all kinds of terrible reactions and side effects.

It does seem to be a fact that our foods today are more calorie dense compared to what our ancient ancestors ate, and our movement habits have gone the opposite way (I believe most people walk only an average of ¼ mile per day!).

The basic premise of this diet caught my interest years ago. I experimented with it in 2007 before moving to Asia. My favorite part of the diet was getting rid of the grains followed by cutting down on dairy.

We Americans eat far too many processed grains and they are almost nutritionally worthless. They also tend to mess with our blood sugars, causing big peaks and valleys, which forces us into a cyclical eating pattern with these refined grains.

Opponents of dairy point out that it can cause excess mucus. After cutting out dairy, I did notice a decrease in mucus. Even though I now have dairy in my diet, I always make sure to cut it out when I have a cold.

When my girlfriend and I moved to Asia in 2008, I stopped strictly following the diet. There was just too much rice and the importance of eating the local foods trumped staying with the diet. I have done a good job of integrating many aspects of the diet into my general diet though, and I believe it has truly helped me lose some body fat and make healthier choices in regard to processed grains and dairy.

I also love the fact that the diet encourages large amounts of vegetables. One cannot overstate the importance of eating a rainbow colored variety of fresh (raw if you can) veggies. When I went paleo, I learned a lot of great paleo recipes from The Paleo Cookbook, and I continue to use them today.

There is a sustainability issue with the large amount of flesh consumed on the diet. It wouldn’t exactly be sustainable for the entire world to follow this diet. For now, I’m enjoying my return to America and eating all of the foods I couldn’t for the past three years. My cheat time is almost up though.

That’s all on the paleo diet for now. I’ll definitely write more on it in another post. Take care.

Paleo Cookbook ReviewThe Paleo Cookbook Review

You are probably hearing a lot about the paleo diet right now. Actually, it has been growing in popularity over the past several years. It’s especially popular with the Crossfit crowd and I’ve done some experimenting with it. In this post I’ll review The Paleo Cookbook which has been around since 2007.

Why should you need a cookbook for this diet you ask? Well, there are some strict guidelines to follow and a lot of traditional recipes are off limits. Also, even for the experienced paleo dieter, it can be difficult to keep from getting bored with the limited recipes you know. If you’re bored with your diet, you’re much more likely to hooky from it.

Let’s see if they solve the two most important problems found when sticking to the paleo diet 1) is there a good variety of recipes 2) are they easy to follow. Oh yeah, and are they a good value? Read on!

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What’s in The Paleo Cookbook?

You receive two books when you buy The Paleo Cookbook, or should I say The Paleo Cookbooks. Between the two you get 310 recipes broken down into eight categories. The categories are

  • Salads
  • Snacks
  • Soups
  • Omelets
  • Meat
  • Chicken
  • Fish and Seafood
  • Desserts

There are also five bonus categories between the two books. Those categories are

  • Capsicum Sandwiches
  • Noodles
  • Breakfast Recipes
  • Foccacias
  • Chocolate

The books do have a lot of recipes, and the category breakdown makes finding what you want useful.

When doing my paleo cookbook review, I found the recipes to be laid out nicely, well written and easy to follow. The easy to follow part is great for beginners or amateurs in the kitchen. Not many of us want to study a cookbook when we just want to eat.

The ingredients called for in these recipes are all pretty standard making it easy to find them at your typical grocery store. There are also a good deal of vegetarian recipes and ethnic recipes. That’s nice for variety

The Paleo Cookbook

And Speaking of Variety…

This is one difficulty with the paleo diet. Many people find themselves eating some vegetables and a slab of meat meal after meal, day after day. This is no good for sticking to the diet and a great reason to pick up these cookbooks.

When you go to order The Paleo Cookbook, you’ll get a few freebies too.

The first freebie is a one month meal plan with full color photographs of each recipe. They use 125 of the recipes to get you started with the book and ensure you’ve got great variety in your diet. And if you don’t like one of the recipes on that free meal plan…well, you’ve got almost 200 substitute options. Nice.

The second freebie is access to the first editions of the books that have full color pictures for each and every recipe. That’s a fantastic aid when you’re cooking for company…or a date!

The final freebie is something you can really get for free. It’s the ‘Herbs and Spices – Using Seasonings in a Paleo Friendly Kitchen’ guide. All you have to do is visit the website and enter your e-mail address.

For any type of cooking, and especially on the paleo diet, the use of herbs and spices can add a huge variety to your meals. I have been really schooled on this in the past six months by my girlfriend. You should really learn this too. In fact, I am going to do some posts on cooking with herbs and spices after this paleo cookbook review.

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Is The Paleo Cookbook a Good Value?

I have to say yes in this paleo cookbook review for two big reasons. First The Paleo Cookbook provides a lot of easy to follow recipes that all conform to the diet. The variety is good and the books are easy to navigate.

Second, they offer a 3 month, 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. That’s a big show of faith the author and seller has in this product. If you don’t like the books, you can get your money back.

Here are a few example recipes:

  • Warm Tomato and Chicken Salad
  • Hummus made with Cashews or Roasted Pumpkin!
  • Tahini Dip
  • Sausage Salad
  • Meatball with Roast Fennel and Basil Sandwich
  • Chocolate Coconut Snack Bar
  • Basil and Lime Ice

The e-Book Format

These books are in electronic, or eBook, format. You’ll get instant access to them when purchasing. Now I know some people like to have something they can hold in their hands, but let’s consider the advantages of an eBook.

What I like the best about eBooks is the environmental friendliness. No trees wasted. But if you really need a hard copy of a recipe, you can print it out. Better yet, it’s really easy to get them on a mobile device such as an iPad, smart phone or other tablet device.

The Paleo Cookbook

To Summarize

I have a couple gripes about the books, but I’m definitely a fan.  First, I’d like to see an overall preparation time for each recipe. This would be really helpful for us amateur cooks. I know it varies depending on how fast a food preparer you are, but a ballpark figure would be great.

Second, I personally want to see even more ethnic recipes. My travels have endeared me towards so many food styles, and I think the variety this would offer would be a great benefit to all.

The many features of The Paleo Cookbook really provide the user a lot of benefit.

  • The recipes are easy to follow
  • The recipes have a great variety
  • There are a lot of recipes
  • The eBook format is environmentally friendly and mobile device friendly
  • The cost is reasonable
  • The satisfaction guarantee is terrific

Ultimately, these books really deliver. If you’re looking to benefit from the paleo diet, The Paleo Cookbook is great tool to achieve this.

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The Paleo Cookbook

The video below will share some tips when eating paleo.


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 The Paleo Sweets Recipe Book is Here

As of now author Nikki Young has released a new paleo recipe book called Paleo Sweets! As the title suggests, this book is all about creating sweets that are paleo friendly. Heck, they are not only paleo friendly but also dairy free and gluten free too.

This new book has over 80 recipes focusing on paleo friendly sweets that will satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you on the paleo diet. This is a great companion to the Paleo Cookbooks, but I cannot do a full Paleo Sweets review on this Paleo Cookbook review page. A full Paleo Sweets Review will be coming soon. When it is ready, I will insert a link to it here.

One cool thing about the new Paleo Sweets recipe book is the cool freebie it comes with. The freebie is Paleo Protein Bar Recipes. This is really a great idea because there are hardly any paleo friendly protein bars on the market today. How great would it be to make your own?!

I am looking forward to using the Paleo Sweets recipe book. I will be sure to complete my review soon. In the meantime, you can click the link below to go directly to the Paleo Sweets page. There you will find more information on the paleo recipe book, and you can buy it!

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paleo recipes in the paleo cookbooks

Paleo Recipes from the Paleo Cookbooks

Paleo Recipes Review

The Paleo Diet, or Paleolithic Diet, has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Common hurdles for newcomers to this diet are creating paleo recipes that are tasty, varied and follow the diet’s guidelines.

In this post I’ll be reviewing Nikki Young’s Paleo Cookbooks. These books, now in their second edition, have been around since 2007. They are quite popular, but are they a good value? And are these books good for beginners and experienced paleo dieters alike?

Read on learn the answers to these questions and more.

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Paleo Recipes Found in The Paleo Cookbooks

Two crucial questions to be answered right away are ‘what paleo recipes are in the books’ and ‘do the recipes follow the paleo diet’. Well, there are over 300 recipes between the two books you receive when purchasing The Paleo Cookbooks (plus some nice freebies—more on those later) and they all follow the paleo diet perfectly!

There are eight different categories of recipes from appetizers and salads to desserts. Plus there are five special categories between the two books—including chocolate! The book and recipes are well written, nicely laid out and easy to follow.

The large amount of recipes allows you to vary what you’re eating, keeping your taste buds entertained and your stomach and mind interested. Some example recipes include

  • Warm Tomato and Chicken Salad
  • Tahini Dip
  • Sausage Salad
  • Hummus made with Cashews or Roasted Pumpkin!
  • Chicken Noodle Soup
  • Meatball with Roast Fennel and Basil Sandwich
  • Chocolate Coconut Snack Bar
  • Basil and Lime Ice

The recipes cover a broad range of food types (all allowable in Paleolithic nutrition), and it’s easy to see that there is plenty here to appeal to most types of food personalities. I especially like the fact that there are close to two dozen world recipes. Nothing helps variety more than bringing in another cultures cooking!

paleo recipes for the paleo diet

Recipes for the Experienced

We know that the easy-to-follow recipes are great for beginners, but you more experienced chefs will be happy to know that there are many complex recipes to test your skills and impress your friends with.

How about Moroccan Lamb with Squash, Meat filled Eggplant or Baked Salmon with Pistachio Salsa? They all sound delicious and are a bit of a challenge.

Overall, there are many basic recipes to get you started and many more complex ones to challenge you and get your creative juices flowing. One my girlfriend’s favorite things to do is experiment in the kitchen with cooking. These paleo recipes have certainly given her new ideas.

What You Get with The Paleo Cookbooks

These books come with a freebie and full instant access to the first editions (actually a limited time offer).

The first editions have full color pictures of all the recipes! That is a great help when you’re cooking to impress—think dates, dinner parties, your boss.

The freebie is a 30-day meal plan with full color photos for each recipe. They put together over 120 paleo recipes for you and lay them out meal by meal, day by day. That is truly wonderful for those of us with little time to plan (or just the poor planners among us).

I have to say, these books do a great job of setting you up for success on the paleo diet.

==> Click Here to Get The Paleo Cookbooks Now <==

The Cons

I do have to make a few constructive criticisms of the cookbooks.

First, I would like to see an overall preparation time listed for each recipe. While it may be relatively easy for most to estimate how long the prep and cooking will take, some (like me) would like to see an overall time.

Second, I would like to see even more world or ethnic recipes. They’re off to a good start, but there are so many food options that fit the paleolithic nutrition guidelines from other cultures. I’ve experienced a lot of them in my travels, so I’m sure they could fit a few more in.

Finally, and it’s minor, I would like the table of contents to be clickable on the PDF files. I’m a bit of tech nerd and like to move around fast. Being able to click the chapter in the PDF and have it instantly bring you there would be great.

The Pros

These books cover the two most important things in the paleo diet. 1) They strictly follow the diet—no grains, potatoes, lentils, dairy, processed sugar or preservatives and 2) They offer a variety of easy to make, delicious meals to keep you easily following and interested in the paleolithic diet.

Other things I like about The Paleo Cookbook:

They’re electronic, so you get instant access. Using a simple, free app, you can get them on your mobile device. Or just print out your favorite recipes and keep them in the kitchen.

There is a 3 month satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied in 3 months, you can get 100% of your money back. People don’t offer generous money back guarantees like this if they don’t really believe in their products.

Great categories, especially for breakfast (my favorite).

Those categories are:

  • Salads
  • Snacks
  • Soups
  • Omelets
  • Meat
  • Chicken
  • Fish and Seafood
  • Desserts
  • Capsicum (Bell Peppers) Sandwiches
  • Noodles (Yup, these are good)
  • Breakfast Recipes
  • Foccacias
  • Chocolate

A nice clean layout and easy to follow instructions

A vast majority of these ingredients can be found at any typical supermarket.


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The Final Say

As far as paleo recipes and cookbooks go, The Paleo Cookbooks do deliver great value. You get over 300 recipes, a meal plan utilizing over 120 of those recipes, first edition access with full color photographs and a 3 month money back guarantee (no questions asked).

Whether you’re looking for a simple way to get started on the paleo diet or just need a lot of new ideas, these cookbooks are a great value and highly recommended. You can click any of the links on this page to get your copy in less than 5 minutes! Enjoy!!

paleo recipes from the paleo cookbook

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