Listening To Your Body – Exercise and Stress

It is too often these days that we find ourselves on autopilot. We go from one activity to the next or engage in multiple activities at once under the illusion of multi-tasking and fail to focus our attention on what is important. One of the most important things we should be focused on is our body and mind.

It is easy to ignore your own needs when you have to make money and take care of the family. Although those are only two things, they involve a lot of individual tasks that are time and energy intensive. Days go by. Weeks and months follow. The next thing you know it has been years and you are out of touch with yourself.

Stress manifests itself in a number of ways. It can come out in physical ailments, actual sickness such as ulcers, or in a general, shall we say weakening of the mind. Dealing with stress and listening to your body should be everyone’s number one priority.

If you do not listen to your mind and body, if you are not connected to your mind and body, how can you perform at a top level in whatever it is you do? You can’t. That is the simple answer.

So how do you start listening to your body and mind? There are some basic ways to do this. First, spend time alone every day. Stop and feel what you are thinking. Consciously think about how you are feeling. Try to focus on a particular body part. How do your shoulders feel? Are they tight, tense, relaxed? Take some deep breaths. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. This is a yoga type breathing exercise and it is great for calming yourself. You can do this almost anywhere.

If you are really lacking time, you can do this exercise when you go to bed at night or when you wake up and are still lying in bed in the morning. Make some time, even if it is only a few minutes, every day to be by yourself and concentrate on how you are feeling. Once you know how you are really feeling, you can figure out if that is really how you want to feel. If it is not, you can change it.

Hopefully you are exercising almost every day. For an interesting bodyweight training tool, have a look at the TRX reviews page. If you are not exercising, stop being lame, see your doctor and start an exercise routine. While you are exercising, pay attention to your body; notice how your muscles feel. Focus on where it is uncomfortable. Think about why it is this way. See if you can figure out how to change it.

Remember to eat well. Try and fit more vegetables into your diet. Make it a rainbow of vegetables going onto your plate every day. It should be like a pride parade of vegetables in your shopping cart whenever you go to the market. If you need some recipes you can have a look at the paleo recipes review page.

Start paying attention to your body and mind throughout your normal day and while you are exercising. It will make a huge difference in identifying what is right and what is wrong and lead you to find solutions.