The Health Benefits of Swimming

This post can also be called “The Awesomeness that is Swimming”. Swimming is an unbelievably awesome activity for recreation, exercise or just to escape an oncoming large ship. It gives you a total body workout that is low impact and can really greatly improve your cardio.

The nice thing about swimming is that it is usually not too difficult to find a pool. Of course the ocean, a lake or river is wonderful too, but we can’t all be lucky enough to live near one of these that is swimmable.

Check with your community recreation center to see if they have a pool. Many health clubs also have indoor pools you can use for reasonable rates. You don’t need much equipment for swimming beyond proper attire. If men are going for distance swimming at a large lake or the ocean, you should not that the smaller, tighter bathing suits are best. Yeah, Speedos. Swimming long distance in board shorts creates a ton of drag and will wear you out quickly. Also, a good pair of swimming goggles will do a lot to keep your eyes from getting too red.

As far as calorie burning goes, swimming is at the top of list with cross country. A normal sized adult can reasonably expect to burn over 750 calories an hour assuming that you are swimming at a decent pace. There are also several different strokes you can use to get an even better workout.

One of the things I like about swimming is the range of motion you can get. This is especially true when using a variety of strokes. Range of motion is something we don’t often think about until we do some motion that is out of the ordinary for us. This happens a lot when people move or engage in a sport they haven’t done in a long time.

As children, we tend to run, play and act sill quite a bit. This keeps our range of motion in good shape. As we get older though, we get stiffer and engage in less crazy activity. That means our range of motion can become poor unless we make a conscious effort work through a full range of motion on a regular basis. Swimming with a variety of strokes does this brilliantly.

The low impact of swimming makes it a great choice for athletes in training. It is possible to get extremely intense workouts minus the strain and pounding on your body while in the water. Swimming around lazily can also be a great stress reliever.

Swimming as meditation is also pretty cool. If you swim at a very slow pace, you can get into a meditative state. It is very calming and beneficial in my opinion. So that is a bit on the awesomeness of swimming. Get out in the water and have fun.