The Importance of Breakfast and How to Start Eating it if you are Not

It has been said as long as I can remember; breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It sounds cliché to most of us now, but it is a cliché that is true. Breakfast is an important meal for a number of reasons.

After sleeping for 8 or 9 hours (in an ideal world, right?) your body is ready for food. Eating within the first hour after waking helps stabilize our blood sugar and regulates our metabolism. Eating a sizable breakfast also helps regulate our hunger for the rest of the day. This means that we ultimately eat less during the day.

Eating the right kind of breakfast is also important. Donuts, muffins and the like are nothing but sugar bombs that will spike your blood sugar and cause you to crash an hour or two later. Many people like to eat a healthy breakfast made up of complex carbohydrates. This ensures long lasting energy for the day ahead. Others like to have a lighter meal consisting of easily digestible proteins. This lends itself well to getting a workout in shortly after breakfast. This kind of meal usually requires you eat again about 3 hours later to avoid feeling hungry.

If you are not currently eating breakfast, I have a good way to transition into eating breakfast every day. I used to skip breakfast all the time. I found it hard to eat first thing in the morning. I used meal replacement shakes to start my transition. I often chose chocolate flavored, readymade shakes so I knew they would be tasty and it took no preparation time.

After a month or so, I got used to putting something in my stomach in the morning and started adding solid food in the mix. Usually I ate a piece of toast or English muffin. After several months I transitioned away from the shakes.

Today I choose to do the slow carb breakfast that consists of eggs, spinach (sometimes other veggies) and black beans. I also have a cup of tea or coffee with cinnamon (cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar). I do this because I either workout first thing after waking or will work out mid-morning.

Making breakfast quick and easy is key for a lot of people that are on-the-go early in the morning. I suggest figuring out some microwavable egg recipes (it is really easy) or hard-boiling a bunch of eggs every week and keeping them ready in the refrigerator. You can also get some yogurt, granola and fruit for a quick and easy breakfast meal.

Give eating a healthy breakfast in the morning a try. You will likely find that it puts you in a better mood and increases your productivity.