Paleo Desserts and Paleo Sweets

This post will focus on an aspect of the paleo diet that causes a lot of paleo diet followers to cheat—desserts. We are going to talk about paleo sweets and paleo desserts. A whole lot of us have a sweet tooth and there is nothing wrong with this. I believe that one of the great advantages to being alive and aware is our ability to indulge our senses. And what better to indulge our senses than with some sweet, rich and delicious!

Unfortunately the paleo diet excludes a lot of our traditional desserts and sweet snacks. This leads many a cheater on the paleo diet. Fortunately there are plenty of paleo dessert options and paleo sweets for those of us who do not want to go astray from the paleo diet and also want to get our sweet fix. A new paleo cookbook has recently been released and I have my copy. It is called Paleo Sweets and I do a Paleo Sweets review on this site. The review will be evolving over the next few weeks as I actually use the book to create paleo desserts and paleo sweets.

The obvious paleo dessert would involve fruit. Since fruit is naturally sweet, it lends itself to a great paleo friendly dessert or sweet snack. A good trick to try is with frozen fruit. You can take your choice of frozen fruit and blend it using a blender or food processor. The result, depending on how much water content there is, is somewhere between ice cream and a smoothie. It is surprisingly satisfying.

If you want to make things like cakes or brownies there are paleo friendly options. Many of these options use ground nuts of some sort or a nut butter. You should learn how to make and use these as they will be your best friend. Making and using nut butters is covered extensively in the Paleo Sweets book I mention at the end of paragraph two.

And in really good news, dark chocolate is paleo friendly. You can use dark chocolate or cocoa (even both) in your recipes. There are paleo friendly recipes out there for dark chocolate brownies and chocolate cakes. Some of these recipes are good and others are not so good. You will have to spend time experimenting and possibly eating some not so great paleo sweets. That is ok though. The experimentation will eventually leave you with a great repertoire of paleo friendly desserts and sweets.

Finally, coconut milk and honey can be used in your recipes as well. Is honey paleo friendly? Well I just don’t remember right now, but I am ok with it. It is called for in a number of recipes that are specifically for paleo sweets and desserts. It is your choice really. Remember, when you are craving something sweet, there are many paleo friendly options. You just have to get out there and find what you like.

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