Paleo Diet Breakfast – Some Ideas

As you likely know, the paleo diet eschews grains and dairy. Unfortunately for us westerners these items are a huge part of our traditional breakfast. Therefore, those new to the paleo diet often find creating suitable breakfast meals a great challenge (skip to paragraph 4 to get into paleo breakfast ideas right away).

One surefire way to overcome this challenge is to get yourself a paleo cookbook. I am a fan of Nikki Young’s Paleo Cookbooks. If you are in the market for a complete paleo cookbook, I suggest you check out my paleo cookbook review page for further information on this item. You will find a link there directly to the Paleo Cookbooks site if you wish to buy the Paleo Cookbooks.

If you are new to the paleo diet in general, you can find further information on this diet through this site’s  about the paleo diet page and also at the Wikipedia Paleolithic Diet page devoted to the topic. The Wiki page is a broad overview and discussion. It will not tell you how to follow the diet exactly, but it is great to have a thorough understanding of any diet you are following along with some of the common criticisms and concerns.

So as I was saying, paleo breakfasts can be challenging for the newcomer. Let’s go over a few ideas.

I like to do eggs for breakfast because they are quick and easy to cook. You can also mix in a variety of vegetables. I cook using cast iron for added flavor and iron and find it easy to throw in some leftover meats or whatnot as well. If you can’t already guess, I tend to just do a scramble. I will also use frozen vegetables (begin cooking these first) for convenience and to ensure that I don’t have to throw away rotten vegetables.

You can use egg whites with just one egg if you are going to base your breakfast on eggs daily. Eggs are also great because you can microwave them. If you microwave your eggs, use a Pyrex dish to avoid all the nasty known and unknown things found in plastic. Also, do the eggs separately from any vegetables you will be making.

A piece of fruit and some nuts paired with my scramble makes a nice hearty breakfast when I don’t have exercise to do in an hour or two. Eggs are easy to digest, so I eat them without any meats when I want to exercise shortly after breakfast. I love to add meats like turkey bacon in my scrambles too.

For those of you pressed for time in the morning, I would recommend going the hardboiled egg route. This makes for a protein filled convenient breakfast. You can also just go for fruit and nuts, but this will likely not cover the amount of protein you need for the meal. This option is ok if you are planning on eating a meal an hour or two later. I know it is hard to be perfect and we really shouldn’t get too hung up on being perfect. Perfectionists tend to keep their great ideas in their heads and hold off acting on them until they think they can pull it off perfectly. Unfortunately, this perfection almost never materializes and good ideas are left un-acted upon.

See what you can create for a paleo diet friendly breakfast. I love to hear suggestions. Hey, maybe somebody will recommend a paleo salad for breakfast! It sounds strange, but keeping paleo takes some creativity.