paleo sweets review

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Paleo Sweets Review

The time has finally come for the release of the Paleo Sweets recipe book and my Paleo Sweets review. This book promises upwards of 82 paleo friendly recipes for those times when your sweet tooth is out of control. And of course, these paleo sweets recipes are paleo friendly, dairy free and gluten free.

A paleo recipe book such as this has been necessary for quite some time. Sweets are a great pleasure in life and something that many following the paleo diet have a hard time completely giving up. Being able to create your own paleo diet friendly sweets has great appeal to those following the paleo diet and even those only concerned with being gluten free or dairy free (both of which the paleo diet already is).

Since I am just getting aquinted with my digital copy of Paleo Sweets, my Paleo Sweets review will be a continually evolving work over the coming weeks. I really want to get to know these recipes and see if they will truly make some delicious paleo friendly sweets. For now I will start this Paleo Sweets review by talking about what this paleo recipe book has to offer.

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The Contents of Paleo Sweets

The Paleo Sweets book simply consists of paleo friendly sweet recipes. These recipes could be for desert or they could be used to sweeten up existing dishes while still keeping those dishes paleo friendly.

Let’s breakdown the different categories covered for this paleo sweets review.

First, Paleo Sweets gives you an introduction to nuts and fruits. These two ingredients are featured prominently in the book. It is important to understand the different varieties of fruits and nuts available along with their nutritional content. The book does a good job of doing this. I believe this will lead to a greater understanding of the ingredients and ultimately lead to better preparation.

And after you have learned about fruits and nuts, you will get a bunch of recipes for nut butters. By looking at the recipes available, I can tell that there is a good variety here. While I don’t know exactly what to do with them all yet, I am excited to find out the taste characteristics of these nut butters.

Biscuits and cake recipes are in the Paleo Sweets book as well. How do you make cakes and biscuits without flour you ask. Don’t worry. The explanations on what to do are quite clear and the ingredients are readily available.

The book also covers ice cream recipes. That is cool!

There are also sections on creating fruit salads, jellies and mouses and a miscellaneous section with a lot of with recipes that just defy classification.

Finally there is a conversion chart to ensure that people from around the world and at different altitudes can properly execute the paleo sweets recipes.

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Paleo Protein Bar Recipes

One really great thing that I also want to add into my Paleo Sweets Review is on the bonus book. This book is titled Paleo Protein Bar Recipes. Protein bars are great when you are on the go or after exercise. Unfortunately for those of us following the paleo diet, most protein bars on the market today are far from paleo friendly.

Author Nikki Young has given us a solution to the non-paleo friendly protein bars everywhere. While this solution involves a bit of work, I believe it will be quite worth it. And who knows, maybe making your own protein bars will inspire new recipes that you will fall in love with.

The best part about the Paleo Protein Bar Recipes book is that it is free. That is correct. The book is thrown in free with the purchase of the Paleo Sweets cookbook. That is a great value.

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Paleo Sweets Review on the Guarantee

As with any quality product that is 100% believed in and supported by the author, there is a money back guarantee with the Paleo Sweets cookbook. This money back guarantee is good for 60 days and is no questions asked. A guarantee like this makes me feel good about purchasing the product. When I see a guarantee like the one that goes with the Paleo Sweets recipe book, I know that the product should be good. If it wasn’t, the author wouldn’t be able to afford to do it.

paleo dessert cookbook

Paleo Friendly Biscuits - A Great Paleo Dessert

My Opinion on Paleo Sweets

On first review I am really excited about the Paleo Sweets Cookbook. There are many recipes that have my mouth watering and some unique things that have piqued my curiosity. I am pretty sure I am going to learn a lot from this paleo diet friendly cookbook.

I have no doubt that this book is a good calue for the money. Over the next few weeks, I will continue to update this review with new information and opinions in order to fill out this paleo sweets review. Until then, I would encourage you to visit the Paleo Sweets page to learn more. Remember that there is a 60 day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee. You have nothing to loose and a whole lotta sweet and paleo friendly deliciousness to gain.

Happy paleo eating and thanks for taking a look at my Paleo Sweets review!

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Paleo Desserts

A Delicious Looking Paleo Dessert

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