Sharing the TRX Suspension Trainer

As far as bodyweight exercise tools go, I am a big fan of the TRX suspension trainer. I have been using it for nearly a year at this point and am completely satisfied with the product. Since moving back to America I have noticed the presence of the TRX trainer in many gyms. The gyms I have seen the TRX in have all been non-corporate affairs, but then again I haven’t made it to any large corporate gyms.

The presence of the TRX suspension trainer in a variety of gyms reinforces my positive feelings towards the product. Of course this is a great thing for the makers of the TRX and exactly what you want to happen with products of almost every type. But this is not a business or marketing discussion. If you are wondering what the TRX is, you can find in depth information on it at the TRX suspension trainer review portion of The Ultimate Health Source.

I mention the fact that I have seen the TRX in various gyms because it offers my readers an opportunity. Many people like going to the gym for several good reasons. Among these reasons is the fact that going to the gym means getting down to business. Some just need to be in a workout environment to actually work out. I get that.

Other people like having access to a variety of gym equipment so they can change up their routines often and experiment with new equipment or unfamiliar equipment. The TRX suspension trainer may be one of those pieces of equipment that you can try out at your local gym.

Another good reason for attending a gym is the access to personal trainers. A qualified trainer that is worth anything will help familiarize you with the proper technique for each exercise you engage in. This certainly holds true for the TRX training tool. And for a tool with so many possibilities, it is a good idea to learn about them from a professional well versed in the tool.

It is for this reason that I love seeing the TRX in gyms. I have seen large groups working with the TRX as part of a boot camp style class. I have seen individuals working with personal trainers using the TRX, and I know many have been introduced to its benefits through its presence in gyms and health clubs.

This is wonderful and it makes me think that I should be introducing this tool to more of my friends and family. Of course I definitely take time to do that on this site, but I am sure I could do it more in my daily life. I am sure that the TRX users out there could do more of it too.

I am going to take a play from the gyms I have seen the TRX used in and start bringing the trainer to workouts with friends and the park where we often play games of Frisbee, workout in groups or participate in some other kind of recreational game.

This environment is a great way to introduce the TRX suspension trainer to others and let them try it out. I also like to warm up and stretch with the TRX, so I can do that before and after games too. I bet it will intrigue those who have not seen it before. Besides, I learned in preschool that we should share. Sharing feels good, so why not share an exercise tool that I believe in. If you are a TRX user, I think you should do the same.

For those of you that want more information on the TRX suspension trainer, please take a look at the TRX Reviews page I have put together. This in-depth analysis highlights the strong and weak points of the TRX and has a link to the maker’s website (which is very strong, by-the-way).