Skateboarding as Exercise

Skateboarding went from a fringe sport engaged in by a few in the 60s and 70s to a credible, but still edgy, sport by the end of the 1990s. While some may still not think of skateboarding as a sport, I can tell you that it is a fantastic exercise and a sport filled with dedicated (and sometimes mischievous) individuals that spend years perfecting their passion and pushing the sport to new levels.

I really enjoyed skateboarding as a kid and well into my twenties. Unfortunately for me, when I was a teenager, there were no skate parks near me. The skate park building boom, at least in California, did not come until I was just about twenty. But lucky for me it did come, and several great skate parks were built in my city and in neighboring cities. This is when I really discovered what great exercise skating was.

If you have a child interested in skateboarding, it is important to note just how intense of a sport it can be. If you are skating a pool, your legs are getting a tremendous workout along with your cardiovascular system. If you are on flat land practicing ollieing, your legs and core are getting a very powerful workout that relies on explosive power. The more explosive you can make your jump the higher you will go. If you are doing railslides, tailslides, boardslides or whatever, you are getting a phenomenal balancing workout.

Skateboarding is just an all around great workout. On top of that, it is a sport filled with camaraderie, friendship and creativity. Thinking of new tricks, new routines or just finding a great skate area takes a solid mind.

So if you have kids that are into skateboarding, you should be happy that they are active. Encourage them by taking them to skateparks and make sure they have the appropriate safety equipment.

Rollerblading is also another sport that can take advantage of skateparks and keep kids healthy and active. Rollerblades can also be used to play street hockey. Basically anything that encourages kids to get moving and thinking is great. Even if it is a sport you may not enjoy, don’t discourage your kids.

Finally, if you are an old skater, consider taking it up again. Riding around a bit at the skatepark during an off time is a great way to get your balance and breath back. You may also try riding a long board. They are great for cruising around streets because of their extra large wheels and larger deck.

Whatever you are doing for exercise do realize that skateboarding is a great workout and wonderful sport. Don’t be afraid to give it a try or to get your kids interested in it. Who knows, maybe they are the next Tony Hawk.