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The TRX Suspension Trainer allows a person to do hundreds of bodyweight exercises wherever they can find a place to hang the device (easily done). It has been around for about 5 years and is endorsed by a variety of professional athletes and trainers. I’ve read and written several TRX reviews. I’m going to condense these reviews and provide you with a few more down the page.

Bodyweight exercises are a fantastic, proven way to train. Suspension training really just involves bodyweight exercises. Suspension training with the TRX allows a person to take advantage of the compound movements that develop strength, flexibility, joint stability and balance while being able to control the intensity by easily shifting your body’s angle.

Many of the TRX reviews are videos that show different exercise possibilities with the product. You can also find a lot of free content on the TRX Suspension Trainer’s website. The company does a great job providing high quality, consistent content. That’s another great benefit of owning a TRX.

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What You Get When You Buy a TRX

Before I get to the TRX reviews, I’ll layout what you get when you buy a TRX Suspension Trainer.

There are two different packages. One comes with the door anchor. You can always purchase the door anchor separately at a later time or the more permanent X anchor. Don’t worry though; there are plenty of places to hang the TRX securely.

The basic TRX package includes

  • Adjustable training straps with padded handles and foot cradles (carabineer attachment)
  • Adjustable Attachment strap (carabineer attachment)
  • Carrying case (2lbs when full)
  • Training DVD (65 minutes)
  • 36 page workout guide
  • All the free stuff and support on the website

The product quality is good. The nylon straps are well made as are the buckles. The set-up is quick and adjustments are quick and easy. A few other TRX reviews have people complaining about their handles showing wear. I haven’t experienced this problem.

trx reviews

The TRX Reviews

There are many benefits to the TRX Suspension Trainer. It’s extremely portable and can be set-up in a lot of different places. This is great for those that travel a lot or who just want to work out in different locations be it the park, a friend’s house or at home.

Set-up is easy. You can attach the TRX to many different things like a pull-up bar, sturdy post, or tree branch. The door hanger does not require permanent install nor does it damage your door if used properly (see below for one precaution). The X anchor can be mounted permanently to a wall or ceiling.

The variety of bodyweight training exercises you can do is great. There are literally hundreds and the intensity is easily adjusted by repositioning your body.

The TRX is appropriate for all fitness levels. The TRX reviews I’ve seen have come from a broad range of users—from beginners to advanced athletes.

The TRX was developed by a Navy SEAL looking for a way for him and his colleagues to stay in shape while in difficult places to workout traditionally. U.S. Special Forces fitness requirements are strict. That should tell you something about the possibilities of this tool.

Another great thing about the product is the strong TRX website. There is a heap of free training videos and articles, plus numerous training DVDs and downloads for sale.

And about those downloads—they are all mobile device ready, which makes them as portable as the TRX trainer itself. That’s wonderful.

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The Complaints

Overall there are not a lot of complaints to be found in the TRX reviews I’ve read. I don’t have too many complaints myself.

Some complain about the price of the product. When you consider that one trainer can last for years plus the free website materials (and YouTube videos), I think the product is a good value. I would rather invest the cash in a quality product that delivers great benefits that a ton of cheapies.

I have to make one note about the door anchor for safety’s sake. When you mount the door anchor, you must be on the side of the door where it opens away from you. This allows the entire door frame to take the force. If you’re on the wrong side, you risk damaging the door. It’s simple to figure this out, but many doors open into a room, which makes it difficult to exercise inside a bedroom.

trx reviews

Let’s have a look at some other TRX reviews. I like videos.

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Here’s another YouTube video from the TRX reviews I’ve found


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