Creating a Well-Rounded Workout

Exercise is an essential part of staying healthy and happy. The type of exercise you engage in is largely due to what you like and what you can handle. Doing exercise that you like is beneficial for the body and mind and also helps ensure you will remain interested and motivated to keep exercise as a part of your daily life.

Once you are committed to having exercise as a part of your life you should evaluate your exercise routine and habits in order to find ways to enhance the benefits of all your hard work. Many people engage in the same type of exercise for years on end. Keeping up your exercise routine is great, but adding a bit of variety to it can give you a lot of benefits.

A well rounded exercise routine is vital for a person like me. I like to engage in a variety of sports and activities. I run a lot, do bodyweight exercises, hike, do yoga, climb, swim, cycle, and at certain times, lift weights. In addition to this though, I am always coming up on opportunities to do a bunch of other sports. It could be surfing, playing softball, football or skateboarding. Whatever it is, I want to be in good enough physical shape to engage in the sport or activity reasonably well and for the required amount of time. I really want to be badass at everything, but that doesn’t always workout.

Because I want to do all the stuff and then some mentioned in the above paragraph, I am sure to add variety into my exercise routine. If I only ran for my exercise I would be neglecting my upper body. That would not be great for playing softball, football or punching rabid badgers in an effort to fend off their advances. It would also mean that my body was not balanced. I like to keep balance in my life.

The easiest variety I add into my exercise routine is stretching. I make sure to stretch in different ways after exercising and usually before bed (or just later into the evening). I also add ‘range of motion’ activities into my workouts. Bear crawls, crab walks, burpees, mountain climbers and old school calestetics are just of few of the things I do.

I add the range of motion exercises to simulate that ‘being a kid’ experience. When you were a child you did all sorts of silly things that included a lot of weird movements. As we grow up and play less, we don’ always engage in those movements anymore. In top of that, our bodies stiffen up as we age. In order to counteract this, I do a lot of range of motion activities.

So if you find yourself only engaging in one type of exercise, try and change it up a bit. Runners don’t need to run all the time: try walking, running backwards, or jumping on your hands (maybe not that last one) to add some variety. If you just love running so much, you can always add a few exercises at the beginning or end of your run. Add a few bear crawls in or do jumping jacks. You get the idea. If you like bodyweight exercises like I do, you could check out the TRX suspension trainer review that I have done to see if this fitness anywhere tool is right for you. Add variety to your workout so your body is in better shape. It can also help prevent injuries and keep you from getting board. Have fun!